Saturday, June 6, 2009

A fish story

Today we went down with our friend Lena to a 'community pond'. From what we could tell, this was the perfect place to fish:

- 3 acres of aquatic fun
- canoes are allowed
- the pond was just stocked with fish and was reported to be one of the best fishing spots around
- restrooms! yay!
- and finally, a playground for times of desperation

Also, it is handicap accessible, which was nice for Lena and her nifty wheelchair.

So we loaded up the canoe (and it made a buzzing sound, kind of like an exploding hive, the whole way down) and soon found ourselves with reels in hand waiting to snag the big one.

And wait we did.

At one point, we decided that our little lures weren't alluring enough, so Mr. AH set off to the local Wal-Mart (one block away. Ironic) and picked up some "fish crave this!" bait. Ha.

About this time, cousin Emily, River and Mocha (the dog) came. It was really nice to be outside, enjoying the weather and each other's company.

Too bad the fish wouldn't join us.

We did hear a kid down pond from us catch something. And then a few hours later a girl in a red camp chair across shore reeled in a large-ish one. Proof that at least something lived in this body of water.

And then, finally, all our waiting paid off. Lena felt a nibble and reeled in a beaut. It was a bass. A baby bass. About two and a half inches long.

Fish and chips, anyone?

Friday, June 5, 2009


Life has been so busy lately, I haven't had time to wait for this dial up connection to post anything. (Really, I think I just haven't had patience. It's summer! Wheee! I'd much rather be running around outside than sitting in front of a computer screen).

And then the guilt comes. I love keeping in touch by reading blogs. It's so nice to just be able to click on a page and keep up on old friends (even if the pictures don't all pull up because of our aforementioned trial). I realize that I have suddenly become MIA as far as the blogosphere goes. Alas. Such conflict.

We could break down and go back to high speed, but that darn frugal side of me just can't imagine it. For now dial up is worth saving $50 a month. And contracts? Meh.

And speaking of all of this, I have been quite intrigued by all the goings on lately in the economy. I just can't bring myself to believe that no one really saw this coming. Sub prime loans in and of themselves were a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. It always seemed crazy to me to think that people would promote sliding interest rates. I have found myself praying for our leaders, our policy makers, right down to our Nation as a whole- for each one of us, that we will stand up for integrity and be honest in our dealings with one another. That is the only way we will really prosper. Otherwise, we're calculating all our gains on false grounds. I won't go into it, I usually just muse to myself.

Anyway, we have rented a canoe and will hopefully have some fish stories for you tomorrow! (Or whenever I actually post again... aah, summer).