Sunday, August 7, 2011

Manly ratcheting roof straps

We pulled into our new life last Friday amid tremendous claps of thunder and a leaky car roof.  After fighting for survival on the freeway through the torrents and crazy semi-drivers, and plugging the water spouts in the car with diapers, we zipped right to our eldest daughter's new school to register her for class... which we thought started Monday.  We soon came to find out it started last Wednesday. 

It seems like a sort of dream waking up in some strange place, doesn't it. 

Today the clouds finally parted and I was able to get a look around.  I had prayed for mountains, and we have been blessed with more rolling hills than mountains.  (I think there should be a federally mandated definition of 'mountains' so as not to confuse those from true mountain ranges).

It's hard not to calculate 'home' right back into the equation, but I'm trying to envision life here for the long term. It is nice to know we're not being held against our will, though!

In a few ways, it reminds me of Japan here. Rain. Humidity. Green. It is exciting to be in a new place.  And, I've already been able to use my Japanese!  (In Wal*Mart during a mad-crazy back-to-school buying frenzy).

The people here are very friendly and extremely courteous. We feel really blessed to be members of the LDS church.  Anywhere in the world we may roam, we find loving and caring friends at church.