Wednesday, June 30, 2010


* We don't have soda in our house very often. Like never. I thought that for this reason Ls would be tickled pink to have some. Instead, I caught her pouring orange pop into our recycle bin. I ruined her fun with a reprimand.

* NiNa just finished swimming lessons. She is part fish, you know.

* Meemers rolled over today for the first time! Ya~a~a~y! And, even better, I caught it on video. I have now caught all three of my daughter's first rolling over experiences. I think I must have a kind of soon-to-roll-over-ESP.

* And, speaking of ESP, both Gram and Mr. AH say I must have some kind of spider sense, as Mr. AH calls it, because I can always sense when there is a spider within close proximity to me (meaning anywhere within 40 yards). Just yesterday I was drying off from a shower when I felt someone watching me. Sure enough, the window was cracked just an inch and there was a big, hairy, hideous spider peeping at my hygienic activities. I did the most prudent thing I could think of, given that I was taken off guard and rather arachnophobic, and slammed that window shut. Unfortunately, it didn't expire the fellow. That had to wait until Mr. AH got home.

* Mr. AH is amazing and got a scholarship. :-)

* Gee, I thought there would be more to report. Meh.

Perhaps I can report back next time on the exciting exploits of our recent letterboxing. Cheerio!