Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So, I am like, totally related to Adam

Our family has finally rejoined the microwave get-in-an-instant age of Internet. Mr. A.H. has signed us up for high speed (1.5!). We used to have only dial up, which carries its own mysterious physique. To quote a teenager whom I talked to a few years ago about our, ahem, slower connection of the past, "Dial up? They, like, still make that?"
Before I would turn on the computer and get it started, go get a snack, come back and tap my foot at the computer that was still loading, eat my snack, go get the newspaper and read it, log onto blogger, stare at the ceiling, go get a drink, do the laundry, chase children... you can see why I haven't written in a month. Who has that kind of time? NOT ME. We've had this Internet for 5 days and I've been on twice, and it is SO much faster. I can actually post pictures once again on the blog. (Coming soon).
Last night I thought, "Ooh, now's my chance to catch up on some genealogy!" So I signed up for the new family search and was amazed! How cool it is! And, I am happy to report that someone has traced my dad's mother's side of the family all the way back to Adam! True. I spent way too much time tracing it back by clicking arrows to verify family rumor that it has been done. It has. I discovered that I am related to Opchanacanough, the Indian chief that captured the Pilgrim John Smith (Jamestown) and was subsequently captured and murdered. I am also related to
Jehosephat, King Solomon, Bathsheba, David, Anna (the cousin of the Virgin Mary), plenty of Kings, princesses, sirs and on and on. Apparently, when you are related to an infamous Mormon historical figure (as I am related to John D. Lee of the Mountain Meadow Massacre fame- this has been verified by myself and other family historians), it is "easy" to find your roots.
I am, needless to say, skeptical of this all-the-way-to-Adam thing and have already found suspicious areas that need to be verified. (By the way, go ahead and look up Adam and Eve, at least through the John D. Lee line, and be amazed).
There are so many things I'd like to do, but Time! That precious commodity that flies on wings of lightning, laughing.
So it may be a while until I find out if it is true or not if I am actually related to Indian chiefs, kings, prophets and Adam. Wait. I think Adam has already claimed me. Good. One down...