Monday, May 5, 2008

The food allergy saga continues!

So we had some good
and some bad
news today.

Ellie and Amelia had an appointment with their allergist today. (Jan Broadbent- she is the best there is. We love her).

After all was said and done, it appears as if Ellie has no food allergies! (Maybe to eggs, but right now it doesn't appear so). When we got home I gave her some cheese. She was so cute, she kept saying, "MMM!" She can't have nuts, eggs or fish yet, but that's typical anyway for most kids her age.

Equally exciting for me, now I can eat anything I want! HA HAH! I had to avoid eating dairy, eggs, nuts, for a while fish, and soy while I was nursing Ellie until we found out for sure about her allergies.

We were hoping that Amelia had outgrown her peanut and milk allergies. She got a prick test, and the site where the peanuts was just swelled right up in itchy hives. :-( Bummer. The milk allergy looked clinically negative, but we followed up with a blood test- so we'll see. Keep your fingers crossed.


Ron & Jessica said...

That's Great news Kathryn,
I so hope little Amelia will pass the Milk challenge too!

I shaved the beard just in case she's allergic to it;)

Ron & Jessica said...

YAY!!! I really have been hoping she'd outgrow the milk one because that eliminates so many yummy things...

Natalie said...

Congratulations! I am amazed you could avoid all those foods so long! I think I might starve ;). I guess you do what you have to do, right?