Monday, January 24, 2011

"Extraordinary, Ordinary People"

I have been reading a lot lately.

I guess I've always been an avid reader, sometimes moreso than not. Anyway, I am currently reading Condoleezza Rice's memoir "Extraordinary, Ordinary People". It is fascinating, and I am really enjoying it. I put it on hold at the library as soon as I heard it was coming out, and just got it a few days ago. She is extraordinarly adroit at painting a picture of the segregated South without at all singing the victim. In fact, I'll quote her:

"All these elements - extended family, community, schools, and churches - conspired together to convince me and my peers that racism was "their" problem, not ours. Whatever feelings of insecurity or inadequacy black adults felt in the appalling and depressing circumstances of Jim Crow Birmingham, they did not transfer it to us. For the children of our little enclave, Titusville, the message was crystal clear: We love you and will give you everything we can to help you succeed. But there are no excuses and there is no place for victims."

I love this book so far, and recommend it highly. She is a fascinating person.

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Christine Merrill said...

I heard a talk she gave at the National Press Club a few months back, and it was awesome. Very impressive person!