Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love is in the air. And so is gunsmoke.

Last month my sweet cousin Em offered to watch the gals so Mr. AH and I could go out on a date. I don't think that Meemers has ever really been baby-sat, and the last time hubby and I went out it was grocery shopping with the small fries. (Which is perfectly fine. Family dates! Hurray!)

And now a word about guns.

The last time I shot a pistol I was 5. I couldn't even pull the trigger, and when my Dad did for me, the gun jumped back and hit me in the face. So naturally I haven't touched one since. (Not that I have an aversion, just mere coincidence). Until last night. Mr. AH and I went target shooting at an indoor range for our Valentine's date! Romance was just zipping through the air, as I'm sure you can imagine. Such ambiance!

It really was fun.

And loud.

And I think it may have set my natural heart rhythm slightly askew, but totally exciting regardless.

We shot a Glock (40 whatevers), and a .375 or something. They both had kick! I got shelled about a dozen times (hit by a flying bullet cartridge). The Glock spits a red hot one out every time you shoot. For a girl who is proud of her pellet gun (my only gun, other than my trusty daisy b-b), I really had a great time. And, for full disclosure, going to the range was totally my very own idea. (A side note to the gals: You should have heard the excitement in Mr. AH's voice when I suggested we do this for our date. Try it sometime).

Alas, we forgot our camera. No evidence of our exploits.

Anyway, so this got me thinking about other things that I would really like to try out. Maybe someday I'll take up archery! Sounds like fun to me...


Deborah said...

It sounds like you guys had a great time. I don't why it's so hard for me to picture you getting excited about going out to a shooting range, but I know Marilyn loves going to shooting ranges too. Happy Valentines, heaven knows you guys deserve to get out and have fun together.

K said...

Thanks, Deb. I think it's the target shooting as opposed to gun handling that is exciting for me. It's kind of like playing darts. Matt says he can't picture Marilyn going, either. Twas fun!

Christine Merrill said...

Ah, the memories that brings back! The first time I ever shot a gun (other than a rubber band gun or nerf gun) was at your house - we went b.b. gun shooting - do you remember that? It was when we were in middle school probably don't remember because you, um, could shoot your b.b. gun all the time...I felt very wild and exciting, though!

Karen said...

My husband and I like to have a night in a hotel for our anniversary but this year I decided we would forgo that so Scott could get a handgun he has been reading and dreaming about for years. We took it out shooting for our anniversary/Valentine's day (they are only 6 days apart so we always just throw them together) we didn't have to go to a range though...we just had a three minute drive to the mountains. You aren't kidding about eyes lighting up on the man when he hears he gets to shoot guns with his favorite gal!

I am not a fan of guns or shooting but I do love picking up those shells - after they have cooled - while he's shooting. It keeps things organized and tidy...something for both of us! :)

Glad you had a good time!