Saturday, July 2, 2011

So, um, what now?!

Big, LIFE ALTERING changes to come.  Freaking out.  Almost.  Anyone have any advice for moving across the country site unseen?!


Heidi said...

Yikes! (And yea?) I've never done it, but when I thought we were moving to Chicago I researched some moving options. They all seemed about equal, except for driving a truck yourself. Gas prices will kill you there.

Do as much online research as you can on housing and neighborhoods and schools, then try to get into a short-term lease. You can live anywhere for 6 months, right? Ok, almost anywhere. Then once you get there you can look for more permanent digs.

Or go the opposite route and choose a nicer, more expensive place sight unseen, then look for something more economical when you get there. That way you know you'll like where are while you get adjusted to the new scenery.

Good luck!!

Deborah said...

Yes, email or call on any of us to help with little things here and there. Ask for lots of prayers. has great moving tips, and I bet Parents magazine online has some things too. If I find any great links i'll let you know.
We'd love to have you over for dinner any time. You wouldn't need to bring anything but your cute selves. Oh, and keepa few magazines unpacked because when everything is boxed up, you'll miss your books.

Diana said...

Pray! ;)

K said...

Thanks, beautiful ladies.