Friday, November 23, 2007

Let's not make this a tradition

A turkey at Zion's National Park, March 2005.

It's the day after Thanksgiving.

We all sat around the house in our pajamas, because for the second year in a row we were sick for Thanksgiving.

Last year we had planned, along with my mother and siblings, to bring the meal up to Gram's house. I came down with something nasty and we ended up watching The Brady Bunch. (My family took pity on us and brought by some dinner.)

This year, Matt came down with something a day before Thanksgiving. We, again, had been planning on making dinner and bringing it up to Gram's.

Alas, it was not to be. I called up Uncle Grant and he graciously invited Gram to his place.

Let's not make this a tradition.

On the bright side, a list of gratitude. I am grateful for:

My father in Heaven, Jesus and my family! (So not cliche, they'll always be at the top of my list)

The gospel

Good health

Baby smiles and little laughs

Toothpaste and floss

Central heat (try living in Honshu, Japan. They have these little portable gas heaters, but you have to open a door for ventilation so you don't asphixiate. I love Japan, but not necessarily that part)

Good food

Sweaters in winter

Fall leaves

Those little seals on baby jars that 'pop!' when you open them

Carbon monoxide detectors (don't ask. Scary story. Did you know that to be effective they have to be low to or on the ground? Carbon Monoxide sinks.)


Good humor


The way cinamon smells

The way cinamon tastes. Mmm!

Clean water

Small town anyone can join choirs! Hallelujah!


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