Friday, November 30, 2007

unique gift ideas

While sick, in my free moments (when I'm not blowing my nose or chasing children), I've been surfing e-bay for the perfect Christmas gifts!
At least at the mall I can peruse aisles of potential givables quickly. (I know peruse is used in reference to reading, so I suppose I perused e-bay, but it sounded good for the mall, too.)
I thought maybe I'd get Matt a nice triangle! You know, the kind you take out on the back porch and gong away on to call the children in from the hills for dinner.
Only, we don't have a back porch. Or any hills.

So I thought maybe I'd get him a remote control racing boat! I found a great one called "The Whale" that even comes with an extra motor! (Alarming?)
Only, we don't have a pond, and it said it was "fast!," so it probably wouldn't work for the tub. I don't think the ducks at the park would appreciate it, either.

So I thought maybe I could get him something from the electronic section! Guys love electronics. Only, I wasn't sure what he'd want, and the cheaper stuff is all outdated, anyway. So I ended up looking at Hawaiian sheet music instead!

Oh well. Maybe we can form a ukulele band!

Any unique gift ideas? Or memorable gifts from Christmases past? Post them on the comments!


Alyssa said...

Do you enjoy playing games? My husband loves board games and card games. It's also a fun excuse to get out and play games with other people, be social, etc. He's written a few reviews of the games we own on his blog, if you want to look for anything that catches your fancy.

Ron & Jessica said...

My wife knows this guy that loves to shop for electronics;)
For stocking stuffer ideas, how about a small geode with a hole drilled in it for a keychain?

I do still owe you for that time you helped me shop for a birthday present for Jessica.......

Handbook said...


That's wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!