Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sticky Situation

Today I finished a necklace I was making. After I tied the knot, I decided that it looked like it needed some reinforcing. So, I went onto the back porch and grabbed our superglue. It is actually called 'Krazy Glue', and now I know why.
I tried to put the tiniest bit onto my knot. It wouldn't come out, so I squeezed a little harder. Still stuck. A little bit more and...
All over my finger, my necklace, the railing and who knows where else!!!
I ran to the sink, envisioning the purple necklace stuck to my hand through the holidays.
"This old thing, oh, just accessorizing!"
Luckily, it came off, but the superglue? Not so much.


Sandra said...

Ah, I hate it when I do that!

Acetone based nail polish worked for me last time I did that...

Ron & Jessica said...

I hate when I get superglue on my fingers

KarenC said...

My sister Kathryn once superglued a necklace to the back of neck on purpose. The clasp keep coming to the front. She said it burned.

Kathryn, you have such a nice sense of humor!