Friday, December 7, 2007

caveat emptor

Amelia found some coins on my dresser the other day. I had hitherto kept them from her due to their chokable qualities. Pennies have zinc on the inside which can be very, very dangerous to little G.I. tracts (or any tracts, for that matter). Besides, I figured I'd wait until she appreciated the value of money. You know, good pay for a job well done type thing. Then I realized, she has done lots of jobs very well. It was time, I decided, to teach Amelia about the wonders of money.
I had in mind a lovely conversation that would educate my little 3-year-old about money as:

a medium of exchange
a way to invest in the future by saving today!
what we are paid, as in wages in exchange for work

etc, etc.

I figured it was time to impart of my knowledge (I have to use my economics degree for something!)

We searched around the house and found a cute little purse with a zipper and a button to keep her money safe. There was a green, plastic coin inside with a 4 leaf clover on it from St. Patty's day.

"Here, Amelia, put your money in here!"

Soon I was teaching Amelia about not leaving her money on the carpet where Ellie could choke on it. I gave up on the idea of a financially savvy toddler, and put her purse on the piano.

Later, Amelia ran in with her money.
"Mom, money are my favorites!"

Well, I guess I taught her something.

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