Friday, January 4, 2008


Amelia is in the "Why?" stage of life.

She has actually been at this stage for some time, but recently it has increased to mammoth proportions.

"Why we don't touch hot things?"
"Why we don't want boo boos?"
"Why you are moving that hot thing?"
"Why are you covering your ears?"

She also recently learned the word "realize."

"Mom, I walked in here, and I turned around, and I realized that there was a chair here! I didn't know it! The blue chair! Mom, why the blue chair here?"

I have realized why moms say "just because." It all started somewhere with a toddler and a poor exasperated mother. And it soon extended into teenagerhood where "I'm the Mom!" is added on.

Asking why is a critical part of how children learn, yes, I know.

Still, at the end of a long day, I figure that "just because" is a better answer than, "AAAUGH!"


Ron & Jessica said...

One thing I like to try with little people is to answer their "whys" with a question of my own. It might distract for a short while at least.

K said...

I've tried the 'distraction questions' trick. Alas, she is too smart for such diversions. She gets her cute little made look and says, "WHY?!"

Christine Merrill said...

Aha, Lige is a huge why-er, too! Asking a question back works sometimes, like "Mom, why are my pants blue?" "Because somebody put dye in them at the factory. Do you want all your pants to be white?" This boggles his mind sometimes. My other great escape (other than just because) is "I don't know"! Lige has picked up on this one, though. "Lige, what did you learn in primary today?" "Umm...I don't know." Do you think they'll ever grow out of it?