Wednesday, January 9, 2008

To each his own

I knew there was something to be wary of when I saw the writing on the present:

"For Mommy. Just what you wanted, especially the top one."

I could tell that there were cds under that happy Christmas paper. Matt confided that two were for me, and two were for him. Then he laughed mischievously.

I had a flashback to when I was a teenager and had brought home Bette Midler's greatest hits cd. ("Experience the Divine") I was blasting "wind beneath my wings" when my mother came storming in with a somewhat shocked and very disgusted look on her face.

"WHAT is THIS? Bette Midler!?! I thought I had raised you better than this! I can't believe you have brought such vileness into our home! You should be ashamed!"

I sat looking at that package under the tree. Its gold paper glistening under the Christmas lights, innocently.

Christmas morning arrived with all of its festivities. We had read from Luke 2 the night before and sung carols. The spirit of Christmas was bright and cheery. The gold present gleamed in the corner.

"Here Kathryn, open this one!"

Matt slid the gold gift my way.

I picked it up and smiled. Matt laughed ominously again.

"No, open it from the other side! I want you to see the top one first!"

I ripped it casually for effect. There, smiling up at me from the top was.... Neil Diamond.

"Neil Diamond? NEIL DIAMOND? Is this a joke? Is there really something else inside?"

Now I know somewhat how Mom must have felt all those years ago.

Later in the week Matt was playing his new favorite cd on the way to Gram's. We greeted her and sat down to dinner, and ever so quietly I heard Amelia singing, "Shilo when I was young..."


KarenC said...

I love Neil Diamond! I have such fond memories of jumping over the vacuum cord while my mom was vacuuming and singing along to "America." I actually bought his greatest hits 2 disc CD because of that very experience. My favorite song is "Forever in Blue Jeans."

wendyberd said...

yay for Neil!!!!
the best one is Song Sung blue - is that one there?
happy listening!

Sandra said...

Neil Diamond was actually the very first CD anyone in our family ever owned. Christine and I bought it for our Mother as a Birthday gift. It was also the only non-classical music CD we had for oh, the longest time.

Thanks for the smile!