Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ode to Chindogu

My latest read is The Big Bento Book of Unuseless Japanese Inventions by Kenji Kawakami. This book is filled with fabulous Chindogu (translated meaning 'unusual tool'). These inventions tackle everyday inconveniences by solving some of our most pressing modern annoyances. For instance, let's say you spot a cockroach in the corner but are squeemish about smashing the thing up close. Chindogu solved this problem by putting a retractable telescoping handle on a pair of slippers. Brilliant!

Check out this book and read all about the 'Walk 'n Wash', 'Temporary Ladies' Room Converter', 'Earplug Earrings', 'Portable Armrests', the 'Portable Parking Spot' and the 'Umbrella Brush' for "when washing the ceiling doesn't mean washing your hair" just to name a few. What a great book.

And so, in honor of Chindogu, I have created my own to add to the 'unuseless' foray of inventions.

Gum-Saver Hair Clip
The fashionable way to save that piece of chewing enjoyment.

And, for men, try the handsome
Gum-Saver Hat Clip

We all know the high cost of groceries nowadays can add up. In this time when every cent counts, shave pennies off your grocery bill by keeping your gum around longer. "How?" you ask? The Gum-Saver Hair Clip is the answer! Why gum up the bottom of your plate and risk losing your gum in the dishwasher? Simply place your gum on the holder while you eat, and after your meal enjoy that same old reliable stick you had before your chewing was interrupted.

It is not recommended to use the gum-saver clip outside on windy days.


Ron & Jessica said...

Hmm. What a funny book. I think you should patent the gum saver and make millions!

KarenC said...

That is so gross.

I used to save mine over night when I was kid. I would just put it on the back corner of the dresser (complete with attached mirror) that my mom had when she was a kid. You can still see the residue spots. It's amazing my mom still loves me...for a couple of reasons, apparently.

Heidi said...

I love Chindogu! My favorite is the PDA "training arm" for men to wear when they're nervous about holding hands in public. (The girlfriend holds the fake hand.) That and the mini towels you wear on the back of your pants to dry your hands on.

Ron & Jessica said...

(Ron this time says) Kathryn You rock!!!!

The Jeff Bylund Family said...

I'm still laughing out loud!