Friday, April 4, 2008

chyoto ii desu ka?

It has been almost 9 years since I left for Nagoya, Japan as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Until tonight, we haven't had a mission reunion for a while because our beloved President David F. Evans was called into the first quorum of the 70. He has been one busy guy!

So in honor of my reunion, I thought I'd reminisce a bit with a couple of funny mission stories.

When I was in Takabata, we had an investigator who wanted to know where the devil lives. I mixed up my Japanese and mistakenly answered, "Chugoku desu." My companion, Sister Bushman, gasped. I had just told Shuto Shimai that the devil lives in China. She didn't think that the Chinese would appreciate that answer. (In my defense, the word for 'hell,' jikoku, is very similar to the word for 'China').

Another time, while serving in Okazaki, my 2 Japanese companions and I were teaching a lesson to a lovely gal. A sweet, softspoken sister from the ward had accompanied us. We were kneeling around the typical Japanese low table when I noticed a very long legged cockroach had joined us. It was just running around, mere inches away, enjoying the atmosphere. I decided that I didn't want to ruin the spirit of the lesson by mentioning such an unpleasant distraction. Seconds later, Hashimoto Shimai screamed, "GOKIBURI!!!" (COCKROACH!) and everyone began shrieking and screaming. Everyone except the Sister from the ward. She very calmly went over and picked the little thing up gently in both hands, walked over to the sliding door, and shouted, "BE FREE!" as she flung it out.

Needless to say, by then the Spirit was gone.

My mission was filled with funny stories. I loved being a missionary!


Momochan said...

How could I not comment on your story about telling Shuto Shimai that the devil lives in China, after all I am the before mentioned, Bushman Shimai! That was a hilarious moment and the look on Shuto Shimai's face was priceless! As I recall, you and I both have a talent of getting ourselves into ridiculous situations so when you put us both together as mission companions, the stories could go on and on...Like the time you asked the rare American if they new any "Bars" in Nagoya (inocently asking if they had met our missionary friend, Bar Shimai.) Realizing too late as the American excitedly told us all about the hottest bars around! This time your look was the one that was priceless. Then there's the time we ran into each other on our bikes and then your watch or the time we bought 3 dozen bananas at once and tried to get them home by bike...oh good times!

K said...

I remember that American girl. She was from the same hometown as Barr Shimai, so I thought, "Hey, she might know her." That's where the, "Do you know any Barrs?" came up. (For those of you totally confused, I meant the family name Barr, not a drinking establishment). Heh, heh. That was embarrassing. Although, the look on your face made for an even more memorable experience. :-)