Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"I was determined to know beans." Henry David Thoreau in Walden

We have a little garden.

It's 2 feet by about 5 feet. In this tiny space we have a patch of strawberries (which produced a whopping 15 strawberries last year. At least that's about how many we saved from the birds).

This year we have added a patch of daffodils that Gram gave us, 9 little pea plants that we hope will grow up the railing, various varieties of basil, some parsley, some chives, a pot full of radishes and a bucket of hot peppers.

Amelia helped by spreading dirt all around. She dug here, she dug there, she poured dirt in my lap. She loves being out in our little garden.

Ellie sat and babbled in Matt's lap as he weeded the strawberries.

When all our new seeds were in, we watered them. Then Matt noticed some curious on-lookers. He drew my attention to them. Behind us, some Robins were eagerly awaiting our departure. I shook my tiny garden shovel at them and shouted,


Then I noticed that a woman on a bike was riding right by us.

Me, dirt all over my pants, waving a 4 inch garden shovel at a tree and shouting.

. . .

We prayed for our little garden after we finished getting it in. Hey, some of the seeds are 5 years old- it's going to need all the help it can get.

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Ron & Jessica said...

You already know how much I dislike birds....if I catch any of them eating my strawberries this year there will be words!