Monday, June 2, 2008

Freak Accident

Matt had a freak accident the other day.

It was actually on the way home from our Moab trip.

We were headed home and stopped in Willard for some gas. I told Amelia she could pick out any drink she wanted, and she chose some fun fruit concoction. Matt took it out to the car for her while I used the facilities. When I got back out to the car, Matt had this shocked look on his face and was bleeding profusely from the nose.

I don't think he even knew what happened, but I asked anyway.

"What happened?!"

Apparently Matt had put a straw in Amelia's drink and was in the motion of passing it over to her when it happened. I should mention that this was probably the longest straw in the world comparable to a small hose. Matt thought it would add ease of drinking enjoyment for Amelia (she needed ease of drinkment any way we could supply. At that very gas station on the way to Moab she spilled an entire 32 oz berry flavored Gatorade. Our whole car smelled like artificial sweetener and fruit for the rest of the trip). Anyway, somehow in the act of passing the drink, the superlong straw jabbed up Matt's nose and stuck there. You can imagine the rest. Luckily we had a clean towel nearby.

I had to go back into the station to get Amelia another drink. The cashier couldn't stop laughing when she heard.

Gram thinks we have a pretty good lawsuit against the straw manufacturer. :-)


Brooke said...

Um, I feel bad about thinking this but that's kinda funny! I hope he's recovered well!

Ron & Jessica said...

Poor Matt.

KarenC said...

You know, we always cut Elizabeth's regular size straws down several inches. We thought it was so she could drink it without having to tilt it, causing the beverage to spill on her. We didn't know it had safety benefits.

I did get a good laugh out of it though! Thanks for sharing!

K said...

:-) I'll have to start cutting Matt's straws down to size.