Monday, July 28, 2008

A return from hiatus

Time to break our long blog silence.

We've been in New York the last month, which I didn't mention because I didn't want to tip off any unsolicited and potentially ill intentioned inquirers. ;-)

We were supposed to be back last Thursday. Here's a quick run of why we weren't:

Us: Get in van and drive for over an hour an a half to an airport in Syracuse.

Airline lady: "Oh, it's too late, too late."

Me in my head: "NO!"

(We were a hour early, but maybe that wasn't enough?)

Airline lady: "You'll never make your connecting flight!"

Me: "Um, so are you saying that we didn't get here in time to catch our flight?"

Airline lady: "Your flight is still at JFK and its passengers haven't even loaded yet. It will never get here in time to pick you up for your connecting flight. Sorry. I have a 6:00 am tomorrow."

Me: :-(

We were told that the conflict arose from weather related delays, so the airline wouldn't compensate or pay for hotels. I asked nicely if she could fly us out Sunday instead of Friday (Matt had to be back to work on Friday because he was out of vacation days. When you're stuck in New York anyway and have to miss that one day of work, why not enjoy the weekend, too?) She said yes, and very compassionately re-routed us through Cincinnati instead of JFK for our return flight Sunday. So, we got an extra 3 days out in beautiful, green, WET New York.

FYI: Some lady the next airline worker down was going beserk over having to pay for a checked bag. She was screaming up and down as far as her angry octaves would carry her. She eventually got what she wanted, I guess.

It's not airline employee's fault when there are departmental or company-wide rules and regulations. I guess the squeeky wheel gets the grease.

However, after being told the airline doesn't compensate for weather related cancelations and delays, the nice woman behind the desk gave me a $100 flight voucher. It wasn't her fault our plane was late.

So, the moral of the story is:

When life gives you lemons, it doesn't hurt to be nice.

I'll tell you about some of our adventures when I find the camera and download our pictures.


Brooke said...

I was wondering where you'd been! I was gonna call and see if everything was ok but I'm a slacker. Glad you made it home safe!

K said...

Yeah, we're still alive. ;-) You're a sweetie.