Saturday, August 23, 2008

The great garbage tragedy

Scene 1: a lovely afternoon

I cooked a lovely herbed chicken with herbs from our very own garden. I threw the chicken package, along with some unsavory chicken refuse, into the garbage. There were also some rotten potatoes in there that I had found earlier in the day.

Scene 2: the next morning

Stinky kitchen garbage! Eww! This stuff is going out to the bin right now!

Scene 3: the tragedy

On the way out to the garbage, about the time I get into my newly cleaned living room, the sack spills over and stinky, rotting garbage slops all over the wood floor!

Scene 4: the bleaching

Oh the humanity!

Tune in next time for our upcoming thriller: Kinked neck!


Ron and Jessica said...

We had fun yesterday. Glad to see you posting again :) TTYL

Julie said...

Aren't you glad you don't have carpet in the dining room like poor, little me! :p

Thanks for stopping by my blog... it is so good to hear from you. What adorable kids you have!

I hope we can keep in touch... I look forward to learning more about where life has taken you.

K said...

Eww I am so glad we don't have carpet. Oh that would have been disasterous. Yuck.

Betty Grace said...

Sometimes I come home from work and smell dinner remnants (as you described) and think, "Who forgot to take out the garbage?... oh ya, me!" One drawback of living alone is you can't blame someone else for the strange smell in the kitchen. :)