Monday, September 8, 2008

Lately . . . last July.

While in New York we went to Howe Caverns with Mike.
Here Mike and I are doing a promotional photo shoot. We make compelling models.

Matt and the girls. Who were carried. By Matt.

Us on a boat in the cave! Cool. Even cooler? We took an elevator to get into the cave.

Now, what you can't tell in this photo is that my head was nearly knocked off by the outcropping of rock above me. You can see the terror on my face.

Amelia posing next to a giant brain formation. She is utterly fascinated by its beauty.

Me. In a cave.

Amelia on the love rock. Now she has to get married within a year. You can tell she's thrilled at the prospect.
Ellie kept trying to touch the cave wall. She just laughed a laughed. She's a hoot.

Cute! Matt and Ellie. This spot reminded me of the narrows. It was called "The Winding Way".

Afterwards we bought bags of dirt with gems and fossils and did some prospecting. We practically made a fortune.

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