Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Talk is cheap - except when Congress does it." -Cullen Hightower

So I'm a registered Republican.

I admit it. Here's my reasoning. In this state, you cannot vote in the Republican primaries unless you are a registered Republican. The Democrats have open primaries. (This isn't always the case, but has been of late). This way, depending on which race I'm interested in, I can vote Democratic or Republican. (We're talking about primaries here, in the general election you can vote for whoever you want to). I think that it's important to be involved. I am concerned about my community and want to have a say for what I think will or won't work.

I try to go the caucuses every year. This last year, I was the only one there in my precinct that wasn't going to move. (This is a heavily Democratic area, so not many people show up to Republican caucuses). Consequently, I was elected as precinct chair, county and state delegate. What does this mean? Political meetings, calls from those running for office, free t-shirts and an active hand in our democratic process.

I mostly agree with the state's Republican platform (before you knock it, you should read it). That said, now I can vent about what it means to be associated with any one party.


In my view, we should be electing those candidates who are best qualified to do the job. I think we should vote for someone based on shared ideals, morals, views and, MOST OF ALL in my mind, WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO while in office!

I will not vote for you because of party affiliation.

I will not vote for you because of your race, gender, religious affiliation or origin.

I will not vote for you because of your looks, your money, your associations, your status or where you shop for groceries!

Tell me what you are going to do for our community. Tell me what you plan to do about health care and education. What do you think about alternative energy? Do you think farm bills work? What about school vouchers? What do you think about bailing out private companies? Insurance companies?

I'm tired of name calling, mud slinging, propaganda, finger pointing and false camaraderie. Give me the meat!

I mean, really. Isn't government supposed to be bipartisan? Isn't right right? (Okay, I'm treading on thin ice now, but that's what I think). Let's just get along. I believe government should work with the people.

That's all.

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Heidi said...

Here here! Way to go for being involved, but I don't envy being the target of political candidates from any party. I want them to treat me like a thinking adult, but I don't necessarily want them to call me at home.... Thanks for taking that bullet for us. :)