Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yay for Matt

So yesterday I had a moment of economic clarity.

I cancelled our internet service.

We'll see how I survive on Net Zero dial up. ! Plus, we can get service at the library on our lap-top when we go.

I suppose that sometimes I have something to show for my economic degree. My mom laughed and reminded me about my t-shirt fiasco last year.

I had bought some really cute Halloween shirts in November, which were half off. I thought about what a great deal they were, until my economical side popped in for a visit.

"You know, you saved $5 off a $10 t-shirt. But at the interest rate you're getting, if you had left that $5 in the bank it would have earned enough interest to buy that shirt new next year, and you wouldn't have had to store it in the basement for 11 months."

I won't go into the whole cost effectiveness of my decisions. I just got those shirts out a few days ago, washed them, and thought only fleetingly of unpredictable inflationary factors.

Matt's in grad school now. He has his undergrad in biology, and is doing mechanical engineering for his masters. Consequently, he has to take some undergrad courses because he obviously didn't take any engineering classes for his biology degree. So life has been super busy, but he is loving his studies and was able to switch to a different department at work.

Now he works 3 to 9, so we don't see him much with him at school in the mornings, busy at lunch, and at work the rest of the day.

I am reminded through this sudden new schedule about God's love for us, and for the importance of cheerful patience. Lots of cheerful patience.

And, I am grateful for such a hard working husband. Yay for Matt.

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