Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back from hiatus

Writing blog entries just hasn’t been the same since Mr. AH was hit by a car. ;-)I had actually forgotten that that was the last entry I wrote, until someone pointed out how un-nice it is to leave everyone for so long on such a note. (I’ve just been WAY busy. Plus, we have slow, slow dial up. I know, lame. But hey, we’re all about saving denero).

So lots has happened worthy of note. Such as this:

We woke up one morning to find that the U’s ‘luxury’ golf cart had been stolen and parked right by our place. Our team had just played a certain team to the South (Ha ha, they got creamed) and we figure it was some kind of drab prank. The funny part was, 2 city police cars showed up along with a University one. The officers would get out of their cars, prod and poke at it, and then get back in their cars for a few minutes. Then they’d get back out, poke around, and get back in. Justice in motion! They couldn’t figure out how to get the thing started, so finally they gave up and called a tow truck. We’re still #1!

New Year’s was fun. We decided, as we have every year since having children, that there is no way we are going to stay up until the witching hour. So, we celebrated with Barbados, at 9:00. (WAY past the kid-o’s bedtime). For dinner Mr. AH had leftover fish tacos, NiNa had little Polskas, I had Yakisoba and mochi (YUM!!) and Ls had some of everyone’s. Fun had by all.

Our New Year’s tradition is one of my favorites. We always predict what the new year will bring, then we write down those predictions in a journal. We never let each other see what we’ve written. It is so fun to see what we had predicted from the year before and laugh at how wrong (or right) we were. Then we jot down what really happened.

Maybe my economics degree is paying off. Last year one of the things I wrote was:

“I think the economy will continue to struggle because of the sub-prime crisis. Some banks will fold and be taken over due to financial cover-ups. Gas will continue to go up as will inflation.”

The year before I correctly predicted Ls’s due date. Let’s not mention how many wrong predictions I made (plenty).

Anyway, we’re all alive and well. Even Mr. AH.


Ron and Jessica said...

Welcome back!

Deborah said...

What a cool tradition. We actually put more energy into celebrating Chinese New Year, go figure.