Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A bit Run Down

Matt rides his bike nowadays, being a much cheaper form of transportation, and in his case it’s also very convenient. I like to meet him at the front door with a kiss when he gets home.

Today when I opened up the door the first thing Matt said to me was not the usual, “Well hello there!” It was, “I got hit by a car.”


He walked in with a dazed looked, very much still in shock. He was still walking, yes this was good, and I didn’t notice any chunks taken out of him, but hit by a car?!!!

He had been coming down a steep hill, and ahead of him was a car in his bike lane. He slowed down, and the car moved left back into his lane. Matt proceeded forward, and the car, without signaling, turned left right into him. It knocked him down to the pavement, and from what I understand he landed on his backpack and hit his head, then rolled. Thank heavens he was wearing a helmet. (Yet another testimonial of why they should be worn by everyone).

I asked if he had gotten information from the driver.


Had he called police?


Could he describe the car?

Yes, but not the license plate.

I looked him over. He was holding his hand kind of funny, and it had abnormal bumps on it and he was bleeding in several spots. He knee was bloodied, his side looked like it had some swelling, his hip hurt and he was limping and he looked very much confused and still in total shock.

Early that morning as he was walking out the door I thought, “We should say a quick prayer together” as we very often do. Then I thought, “Nah, I don’t want to wake up the kids.” We do live in a very small apartment. I said a prayer after he left, and asked the Lord to bring him home safely to us. We are very blessed that He did. From now on, though, I am going to pray that he travels “without harm nor accident.”

After icing him up and assessing the situation (i.e. him talking me into not taking him right to the ER) I called his doctor and got him fit in for later in the afternoon. Then I called the police.

Unfortunately, because Matt told the driver he was okay (the adrenaline had kicked in, by the time he got home he obviously wasn’t as okay) there was nothing the police could have done. If he hadn’t said that, they would have searched down the driver and charged him with a hit and run. Apparently saying he was fine turned the accident into a “civil matter.”

I looked over my poor sweetie and started patching him up with bandages and kisses. Poor Matt.

His backpack got totally shredded. His helmet has a big gash in it. His palm pilot (in the bag) has a great big ding but still works. Fortunately, the backpack took the brunt of it. The officer said he was lucky he had it on and had rolled.

Later at the doctor he was told that he is a very lucky man. No apparent permanent damage- except to my peace of mind. Maybe biking season should be over; our SUV is nice and safe.


Brooke said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so glad he's ok... relatively. Bike safely! Love you guys!

Deborah said...

I'm so sorry that happened! I'm glad it wasn't worse, but it's unfortunate that the police couldn't track the driver down. They have their rules, but that's frustrating. I hope Matt feels 100% soon.

Ron and Jessica said...

That is sooo crazy! Hope he's feeling better by now :)