Thursday, February 12, 2009

The most embarrassing thing... ever (or the best seat in the house)

The other day I went to a baby shower which was held in the nursery at the church. When I got there, there were scores of people from India dressed to the nines in beautiful traditional clothing. The women were in colorful saris and the men were wearing impressive shirts. They were having a celebration of some sort in the cultural hall (aka the gym). There was exotic Indian music playing, and I'd say between one and two hundred people in attendance. It was quite obviously a private affair for which they had gotten permission to hold at the church.

Meanwhile we gals were having a great time in the nursery at the shower. Most of us had our kids there, and NiNa and Ls were laughing and playing. We had to keep the door shut so the kids wouldn't escape, though, and this proved to be difficult.

As I was chatting with someone, while holding a tippy pile of food on a wobbly plate, the door opened and Ls seized the opportunity and shot down the hall. It took me a second to set the plate down, and when I raced out the door I couldn't see her anywhere. I went down the hall and looked in the coat room: no Ls. The chapel: No Ls. The foyer? Nope.

Then a terrible thought crept into my mind... maybe she was running around in the gym.

They had a side door open, and I nonchalantly walked over and peered in. I scanned the room. No Ls. And what would I do if she was in there anyway? I couldn't run in and get her. They were right in the middle of live music, with a man up on the stage singing and NO! Ls STANDING RIGHT UP ON STAGE BESIDE HIM! The horror! I was mortified. There she was, all two and a half feet of her, staring up at the vocalist. I could have died. I'm sure I was quite a sight as my hand shot to my open mouth.

I raced around to the back of the stage just as they were announcing so-and-so who had just sang with 'an international guest member'. The singer himself brought Ls down to me, and luckily he was smiling.


Alyssa Rock said...

You have the BEST stories to tell on your blog, honestly. Why does all the interesting stuff happen to you? :P

K said...

Oh man. I'll totally trade you that story. SO embarrassing.

sumousister2 said...

hahaha. that is awesome!
go ellie!
she is gonna be a performer someday maybe.

Christine said...

He he he...good thing all the Indian people I know are really nice and understanding! (If you're going to have your culture stereotyped, at least it's in a nice way, eh?)