Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh short lived fame

At least one or more people at a time have been sick at our place for the last month and a half.


NiNa had it the worst, she was sick for just about the entire last month and a half. Just when we thought she was getting better, she ended up in the emergency room.

3 double ear infections later (between both kid-os)...

We had something so nasty I won't even begin to describe it.

We did have a few cool things happen. NiNa, during one of her brief thought-she-was-well-again stints and I were interviewed for the 5:00 news. They were doing a story on food allergies, and we were asked for an interview by channel 4. NiNa was so cute later that night as we were watching it, she giggled every time they showed her.

When I got to the house where the interview was (they held it at another mom's house who has 2 kids with food allergies), the gal there had surprising news for me. (She's the president of the local FAAN chapter). She said, "Oh, have you checked out this month's such and such issue yet?" (I'm not mentioning the magazine or posting the link for the news interview. If you want to know what they are, just e-mail me. I don't want this blog to be traceable to where we live!)

Anyway, I said that no, I had not seen it.

"Well, you're in it!"

What? When did I ever submit anything to this magazine? I guess the group had submitted one of my recipes or something, and it was the main feature of the article.

Go figure. Guess we've had our 15 minutes of fame.


Heidi said...

I totally saw you on the news that day! I saw Amelia first, but just the back of her head, and thought, "Hey, that looks like Amelia." Then they said your name and showed you, so I was pretty proud of myself for recognizing the back of Amelia's head. :) Which magazine were you in?

Ron and Jessica said...

Can you EMAIL us the link to the interview?

Diana said...

Wow! That is so cool!! :D I'm so glad that somebody finally documented your greatness! ;) You rock!!

Karen said...

I'd also like a link. Thanks for thinking of the little people, you celebrities!

Kim Reid said...

Sorry I'm always coming late to the party. Is the link still up? Send it to me!

thelivesofthebradyfamily said...

Wow, I have a famous friend! Can I have the link too, if it's not too late?