Friday, April 17, 2009


When I was little my house was out in the country and there were fields that spread out to the base of the mountains. An irrigation ditch ran through those fields, and gigantic trees stetched up to the sky all along the banks of the lazy flowing water. Those trees must have been planted by the pioneers that settled my beautiful hometown mountain valley.
I loved to climb up into those trees and look up at the leaves blowing in the breeze. On hot summer days it was the perfect place to cool off and listen to the bubbling water.

That place is gone now. Except in my memory.

It's okay, though. I'm happy with the place I'm in now.


Mak said...

Ohhh, that makes me almost want to cry, having shared the same valley and pioneer ancestors (surely?).

I'm happy in the place I'm in now (surrounded by fields, no less) but it is sad to see some of the "wild places" go!

BTW- I love your blog- found it via Kim's. I blog at


Kim Reid said...

I hate it when places change! I hadn't even been out to the east side in years. WHERE DID ALL THOSE HOUSES COME FROM? And a school, too?? I didn't even recognize it.

K said...

I know, I know, so sad to go home to our stomping grounds! After my mish I didn't recognize it, either. SAD.
At least no one can buy Timp.