Thursday, July 30, 2009

Subtle? Maybe.

Technology is such a funny thing.
10 years ago, cell phones weren't all that accessible to most people. I remember my mom's first car phone. It plugged into the cigarette lighter and had a cord attached to a briefcase-sized battery. The phone itself was like a brick. That was probably 15 years ago. And it was expensive! I don't remember anyone ever actually using it.
Weren't the days when people went on vacation and you couldn't get ahold of them for 2 weeks nice? Yeah, not in the case of emergencies, but really it's hard to get away if you're connected to the world all the time.
We're not so much into cell phones. We've got a track phone for emergencies. It has come in quite handy at times, and we feel it's a necessity because of NiNa's food allergies. I'm glad other people have cell phones. It's nice to be able to get ahold of someone when they're at the grocery store. Still, I feel more free when I can go somewhere and not be reached. I know, it sounds funny, but there it is.
I bring this up because of the great conveniences we enjoy thanks to the Internet. (That was my original thought, and I got off on a tangent). It's really nice to keep in touch so easily. I love being able to just click off a message to anywhere in the world and have instant contact with someone. (Okay, not instant. We have dial up. It does make keeping in touch much easier, though). And it's really nice to read up on friends' blogs. At first I felt like things were much less personal that way, but honestly I feel like I know a lot of people better than I did before their blogs.
Which brings me to my last thought. It's kind of strange hearing big news over the Internet. I'm talking engagements, pregnancies, that kind of thing. Yeah, we can still call each other and say, "I'm pregnant! We're expecting a babe early this February!" Still, it is much easier and more convenient to just type it up in a blog. ;-)


Kellie said...

Congratulations! Are you going to find out what you are having? It would be nice if you could get a boy this time since you already have 2 girls. How have you been feeling? I hope your pregnancy goes well for you!

Brooke said...

What?! I almost missed it! Congrats! I'm glad i took the time to reread that last part! Love Ya!

Natalie said...

First of all, are you pregnant?

I totally agree with the cell phone thing. A lot of our friends have cell phones and not a home phone, and they always call my cell phone to talk to me. I'd rather that people only call my home phone so I don't have to worry about talking to anyone when I'm out. I like having a cell phone if I really need to get a hold of someone while I'm out or if I need to check on my kids, but do not like to just talk casually as I'm out and about. I also can't believe the terrible cell phone manners I see. I have friends who will come to my door to pick up their kids while talking on their cell phones,and then they come inside and talk for five more minutes before finally hanging up and saying hi to me and their kids.

Mike and Hallie said...

Is that last part true?

K said...

Thanks. (And yes to those I confused, we're expecting!) We're super excited. We're totally going to find out. If it is a boy, we're going to need to go shopping! (Or dye all the pink clothes purple...)
I don't mind if it's a boy or a girl, I'm just excited!

Diana said...

I had this tab open so I could reply to you and now I know! Congratulations!! Facebook is another source of random announcements that are really fun, but a lot less personal than a face to face. I think a blog is a perfectly wonderful place to share news! :D Our baby is coming in the Fall (September) and I'm looking forward to not having my own furnace going during this hot, hot summer! :D This will round us out to 3 girls and 2 boys! Woohoo and Hail Mary! :D