Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm all verklempt! Talk amongst yourselves.

My little girl has embarked on her scholastic career.

And I don't know what to say about it.

I was pretty surprised I didn't cry when I dropped her off. She was so interested in the butterfly chrysalis her teacher was showing the class that she almost didn't see Mr. AH, Ls and me waving goodbye.

NiNa is now officially a kindergartener. !

I'm very impressed with her teacher, her school, the principal, the PTA, the programs... we really are very blessed to live where we do so she can attend the school she is at.

After we dropped her off, the school hosted a breakfast for the parents. Mr. AH and I chatted with friends we saw there while Ls chowed down on bagels. (They were good. Yum).

Mr. AH was so cute this morning. He really wanted to be there for NiNa's big day, and luckily things worked out. He looked as excited as NiNa. He gave her the sweetest Father's Blessing last night. I am so grateful for him, he is such a wonderful husband and father.

After dropping Mr. AH off at his lab, I decided to take Ls to the library. They were having book baby. I wanted to keep her busy because I knew she'd miss NiNa. And so did I. It was strange walking away from the school with NiNa still there. It was strange walking around the library without her. It is strange to think that I will be dropping her off and picking her up at school for the rest of the year. And, strangest of all, she will be in school for at least the next 13 years. No wonder growing up happens so fast.

And what did NiNa think of all this? She was beaming when I picked her up. She told me all about the things she learned, the friends she made and all about her wonderful day. And a few minutes ago, so came in and told me in her sweet little voice, "Mama, I can't wait to go back to school tomorrow."


Mike and Hallie said...

Oh, I am so excited that she loved it. What a cute blog post. I can't even imagine leaving Landon at school. Yikes. You are such a great Mom.

Natalie said...

That's great! I've heard good things about the school I think Amelia's probably going to (you still live in the same place, right?).

Hannah's starting preschool tomorrow, which I think will be great, but it is nearly as long as full-day kindergarten, so I'm a little nervous, but I think she's ready for it.

Karen said...

Oh, everything you would hope...that's wonderful!

Diana said...

Congrats on getting through the first day! I never get over how cute the Kindergarteners are! My Gracie is one this year and she comes home just full of all kinds of stories and information to share. She was ready for this and she loves it SO much! The more days that go by, the more I'm okay with it because I see how much it lights her up. :)

Ron and Jessica said...

Now you'll be even busier but you get to relearn everything you learned in school...yay!