Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blessed children

So - Ls keeps us pretty busy.

She is a dive-right-in-grab-it-quick-and-figure-it-out-herself type of girl. This energetic curiosity can definitely mean overtime parenting.

Today at church just before sacrament she was running up and down the ramp by the primary room with about 7 other little kids. I was chit-chatting when suddenly I heard a few other parents say, "Oh no! Ls!" I look up, and to my horror see 6 or 7 little tykes running out to the parking lot through the door that my Ls was holding wide open. !

Where did this kid come from? :-)

And she's so innocent. I'm sure plenty on her plate is pre-meditated, but she doesn't do things to be bad. She just wants to see what will happen. Busy, busy girl. She's a good exercise plan.


NiNa is having a great time at school and loves her teacher. She really lucked out and got a fabulous one. Just now she said, "Hey Momma, guess what! I was the first one at my school to have laser eyes!"

I asked what that meant.

"I don't know, my teacher just said, 'wow, NiNa, you are giving me laser eyes!'"

Not sure what that means. I take it as she was paying good attention. ?

She's so cute with her little pink back pack and braids. Aaw. I still can't believe she's in kindergarten. She seems so grown up - until she gets around the 1st graders. ;-) (She is the youngest, and probably shortest, in her class).

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