Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Julie & Julia" an overdue review

I promised a review of "Julie & Julia" long ago. Alas, many of you have probably already seen it. So to be brief, I would have loved it, perhaps it would have been one of my favorite movies had it not been for all the foul language. :-( Perfect way to ruin a movie. There were parts I laughed so hard I cried, and it certainly inspired me to read Julia Child's My Life In France. (I loved it, by the way. Highly recommended. The ending was a bit slow, but she passed away before it was finished).

As part of a prize I won, I also received Julie Powell's "Julie and Julia", a mis-adventures-in- cooking book. I thought her idea of trying out all of Julia Child's recipes was ambitious, inspiring, interesting... and documenting it even better. I was very appalled, however, as I struggled through the first chapter and finally threw it down in disdain. It was littered with foul language and filthy speach. So sad. I gave it to my mom and she enjoyed it very much.


sumousister2 said...

i want to watch that show! it seems like they cannot make a film without a swear word... anyhow, you know, i used to talk like julia childs in college for fun. i sounded pretty close. i think.

K said...

Ah, Manami. You would be hilarious immitating Julia. I always tried and could never get close. We love Julia Child! Where did she get that accent,anyway?