Friday, October 2, 2009

Random Recent-ness (or just plain current stream of conscious thoughts)

1. It's a girl! (Come February). Hooray! I really am pregnant!

2. Yay!

3. I have finally admitted to myself that, yes, I am a news junkie. How did this happen?

4. Ls + brand new box of Cheerios = huge mess. Did I not see this coming when I heard her in the kitchen? (Oh I wish I could post pics).

5. My posture isn't so great. Any suggestions? I am even more aware of this seeing as my youngest sister has the "posture of a queen gliding into the room". (Yes, she was told this recently. I was witness. And it's true. I got the slouchy gene).

6. I don't like to tell people I don't know well that I'm involved in the Republican party. I'm not into cataloguing, preconceived notions, 'so this makes you this' type of stereotypes. I just want to help my community, and for me this is a good way to get involved.

7. Myanmar! Free Suu Kyi!

8. Isn't Elizabeth Smart the dearest? Bless her.

9. I can't wait for General Conference. Mr. AH and I believe conference should be like the Mormon Superbowl (in that we should put on a spread of lots of yummy food in accent to the great event. Although we have held this belief for many years, we have yet to actually do the necessary prep. Alas for frugality and a touch of poor planning).


Mike and Hallie said...

Congratulations on the new bundle of joy! I believe in your GC spread as well but this year the most we did was go out to breakfast and buy cookies. (Conference doesn't start til noon here)

Brooke said...

I agree about the Mormon Superbowl spread. I always think about inviting tons of people over and making fabulous food but I, too, always experience the lack of planning!
And congrats... another girl!!!

Ron and Jessica said...

My thoughts:
Yay a girl!
Advice: stand up straight! -hee hee
Also, maybe you could just make a conference tradition food instead of having an entire spread. I suggest scones. Yummy and way easier than all that superbowl stuff.

K said...

Jessica and Ron, funny you should say that, I was seriously contemplating scones. Coming up with an Amelia friendly recipe was too much for the moment, though.
Glad you all agree on the conference spread. Maybe next time (I say that every time).

thelivesofthebradyfamily said...

Congratulations on another girl! Your girls are adorable!