Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm here at Meemer's and my current digs, the children's hospital. It is strange to wake up in a hospital. And, from Meemer's perspective, I'm sure it is strange to wake up with a plastic box tent over your head. Due to her nasal stents, she gets to spend time in an oxygen tent nowadays.
The first morning I woke up after I had the babe I was quite surprised to find myself in a hospital. Having just had major surgery. Being a new Mom again! (YAY!) Things went so completely un-according to the birth plan that I think I was caught off guard by the reality of it all. Traumatic c-sections do that to a person, I guess.
So the babe is doing well. They pretty much just do maintenance for RSV. There's not much you can do for a virus. It is comforting to be in a place where her oxygen levels can be tampered with.
She is so dang cute. I love that girl.
Her stents have turned out to be a major blessing as far as her RSV goes. Her nasal passage can't swell off, so she is easier to clean out. (We did a lot of booger sucking before this happened, and now it's even more). The nurses have said they wish all their patients had stents.
Her next surgery will probably have to be pushed back for several weeks, if not over a month, to give her time to heal and for the inflammation to go down in her lungs.
Anyway, blessings abound.

(And, PS, I'm sorry I don't have a cable to download any pictures. She is SO sweet. Babies are so fun).


Ron and Jessica said...

Can't wait to see her :)

Deborah said...

I look forward to seeing her. You amaze me with your upbeat and optimistic attitude. You are a great mom, and I'm glad that the stents have turned out to be a blessing in a way.