Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh! Can lightning strike twice!

I'm really not sure what to post. We've had some interesting trials pop up this last month, much overshadowed by phenomenal blessings. The best of which is that our daughter, Meemers (note: her nickname), was born a month ago. She is so beautiful. It is an amazing blessing holding such a perfect little soul.
We had some complications at birth resulting in an emergency c-section (because of me) and a rare-but-fixable-through-several-surgeries birth defect. (Meemers has already had one surgery at 2 days old and is in for at least 3 or 4 more in the next few months). I don't really like going into detail on a public blog. Here are a few tid-bits:

Meemers is so sweet! It's fun to see how every child is so different right from the start. I love how curious she is about the world around her.

My epidural failed me yet again right during my c-section surgery. I've had 2 emergency c-sections, and the epidurals failed during both of them. It hurt so bad I thought my heart would stop.

I am so grateful for good doctors and the NICU. And for children's hospitals.

It would sure be nice to meet a good anaesthesiologist for any future c-sections.

RSV really, really stinks.

We have the most amazing family, ward (our church group), friends and neighbors EVER. They have helped us out so much with babysitting, meals and emotional support.

A good laugh can definitely go bad after major abdominal (abominable) surgery. For a short whlie I thought people would think I lost my sense of humor because it hurt too bad to laugh. And I have the funniest husband, mother and kids around. Sounds funny, but ouch! Humor can hurt!


Kamie said...

Congrats on the new addition to your fam. Sorry your epidural didn't work. I didn't realize mine didn't work until the second one when it did. I could've (and probably did sleep a little during labor). Hope everyone is doing well. We too know the NICU very well in our fam. Best of luck!

Brooke said...

You're all in my heart and in my prayers! My grandma keeps me updated on what's going on in your life. I can't wait to meet Mia and I hope all goes well with you and her health-wise!

Madame Hallie said...

What a beautiful name, Mia. Congratulations to your family. I am so glad you finally posted so we knew the happenings. If you ever have a moment I hope that you would be willing to add our adoption blog to your list
We will keep you guys in our prayers. We assume you still live in the 11th ward is that right?

Natalie said...

Congratulations on your new little girl! I'm sorry to hear about the bumps along the way. I wish you the best with recovery and future surgeries.

zac and manami said...

it failed AGAIN? i cannot imagine how painful that would be... i'm glad you are doing ok. i wish i was close enough to come and help... but wow, you are a tough woman! i hope i get to see you guys sometime soon!