Sunday, May 30, 2010

Future (mis)adventures

I've had misadventures in kite flying before, resulting in humiliation and physical harm.
This year, however, I have so far escaped injury and embarrassment. At least as far as kites go. How? I've not been able to get out much for some time.
Mr. Amazing Husband has been taking the girls out quite a bit while Meemers recovers from her surgeries. It's not quite house arrest, but we're not supposed to take her out in public until all this surgery business is over... at least until RSV season ends.
One day Mr. AH took the gals to the park with our dollar special and Ls's bi-plane kite for a good time. The wind was gusty, and soon the kites were torpedoing out of the sky, pieces scattering amuck. The girls came home frowning and jaded with this fabulous sport.
Perhaps, I think, I may try to remedy this.
I have read that as long as you get the dimensions right on a kite, it doesn't matter how big it is. I found instructions for a super-cool mini kite online, which I can't find now, but maybe if I gather up some of Mr. AH's engineering paper and some broom bristles I can figure it out! Voila!
(And by the way, I always wondered, why did I not have "economist paper" in college in which to work my equations? Admittedly, it was economical paper, but I digress...)
Maybe we could even trick/talk the neighbors into making kites, too, and we could have a huge neighborhood tournament just like in The Kite Runner! Except without the glass-coated string. Or the kite shredding. Or the running...

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Deborah said...

Are you able to have visitors? I'd hate for you to go stir crazy. I can't imagine anyone who would be able to care for your girls the way you and Matt do. you're amazing parents.