Saturday, May 29, 2010

Recently... another catch-up

Life is always pleasantly busy with a new babe in the house. And what joy! I love being a mom.

So anyway, I've been occupied with other important endeavors, so here are some handy bullet-point-news-in-brief from our household:

*WOE! The basil is dead! The birds have out-witted us again.

*Our curious hummingbird neighbor is back! We've had a few sightings in the last week.

*We had to evacuate our apartment... again... because our neighbors poisoned the apartment complex by using noxious chemicals near our heating system intake... again. (Different neighbors, same result: 3 days at Gram's). They moved out of state today. Unrelated, but appreciated all the same.

*Little Meemers is scheduled for surgery in a few days... her third.

*While at Gram's I got to hear lots of really interesting stories. She's 97 and has the best memory of anyone I've ever known. Seriously, she's amazing. It's so neat to chat with her, I've heard all about the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1916, life in the 20s, amazing pioneer stories... I am very fortunately blessed to have such a wonderful grandmother.

*NiNa's school had an art show, and one of her pieces was featured on the school-wide flyer. Our budding artist!

*I am recovering from a mysterious back injury.

*Ls has perfected her cute little dances. She does this bum wagging one that is hilarious. "What in the whole world!"

*We unwittingly had an all-corn dinner yesterday: Corn on the cob, corn chips, cornish game hens, followed by pop-corn. Lest this sound unhealthy I will point out that we also had salsa.

So ends this edition of catch-up. Meemers finally went to bed (so I don't have to type one-handed), but it's WAY past my bedtime.


Natalie said...

I love you to hear about you and your cute family. Hope all goes well!

Christine Merrill said...

I love your Grams, too! Tell her hi for me!